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We can’t thank you and Sean enough. In the last year, you have helped him grow as a ball player and a young man. He’s very excited to have made the team and you and Sean’s support, encouragement and coaching over the last year has been invaluable.


We just got home, I was going to text you . I wanted to tell you that I was so impressed with you as a coach and teacher tonight. Those 5 looked so good out there the first period. You got up their behinds when they needed you too, you praised them when they deserved it. You taught them some lessons tonight about TEAM and working hard and showing up and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you started Cole because he earned it and I know you’ll continue to make him earn it and when he doesn’t he sits, in fact I’m counting on it . Thank you very much for coaching Cole.


As our Basketball season comes to an end, I would like to thank Tony. Sean and Coach V for a great season. I would never had guessed the team would do as well as they did record wise or that they would only lose one game inthe playoffs. That being said. Im nrore impressed on how our kids conducted themselves on the court. They never hung their heads. never argued calls and never gave up!! As a parent, I love seeing my child win. but absolutely have to tip my hat to you coaches on showing these kids how to respect their teammates. opponents and referees.
Thank you. Ryne loved every minute of it!l


 Great game today. I was really impressed with your coaching and your team’s aggressiveness. In addition, I was extremely impressed with you passionate crowd. They came out in large numbers, were loud, respectful, and a great influence for your kids. We are looking forward to seeing you guys in the tournament and later this season!


Hi Tony,

What a great game yesterday!  Thank you so much for continuing to coach.  Awesome job!  Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you!

April and Faith

Dear Coach Tony,

Thank you for all you did with & for ______.  He will always have great memories from baseball.

As tournament director, I enjoyed watching the passion that you coached the boys with over the weekend.  Your players and fans definitely emulate you as their leader.  For many of these boys, it will be the great memories from this weekend that they will look back on fondly as they get older.  It is great when their coaches and fans make them feel special and important.  We will see you guys again next year and good luck with the rest of your season.

 Shaun Palmer

Geneva Feeder 4th Grade Boys Head Coach & Tournament Director