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Basketball To The Next Level Nothin But Net Shooting Camp

At TTNL we know how important it is for the kids to triumph in life and sports. The competition is tough out there and the best way to prepare your child is to get them the training they need to take their game to that next level. Our mission is to create a fun, safe, and energetic environment to teach children what they need to succeed in a variety of athletic disciplines. We help maximize a child’s skills along with building their self-esteem. We are dedicated to nurturing the athlete in every child who wants to elevate his or her game. Participants will receive TTNL sports gear at the conclusion of camp. DW

Location: Recreation Center Gym

(2S781 Route 59 Unit A, Warrenville, IL)

Instructor: Tony Gallagher & TTNL Staff 

Grades 5-8

222038-1A                M           9/10-10/1       6:00-7:00P     $80   $85
222038-2A                M          10/8-10/29      6:00-7:00P     $80   $85
222038-3A                M          11/5-11/26      6:00-7:00P      $80   $85
222038-4A                M          12/3-12/17      6:00-7:00P     $60   $65