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Basketball To The Next Level 

Take your game TO THE NEXT LEVEL with TTNL by following the “IZE” method of mental and physical training. TTNL will help your child visualize their dreams and goals and realize how and what needs to be done to reach their dreams and goals. TTNL will then help energize your child to reach their dreams and goals. TTNL’s dreams and goals are to maximize your child’s vision, realization by energizing them to their maximum potential. Participants will receive TTNL sports gear at the conclusion of camp. DW

Location: Recreation Center Gym

(2S781 Route 59 Unit A, Warrenville, IL)

Instructor: Tony Gallagher & TTNL Staff 

Grades K-4

222035-1A                M           9/10-10/1       4:45-5:45P     $80   $85
222035-2A                M          10/8-10/29      4:45-5:45P     $80   $85
222035-3A                M          11/5-11/26      4:45-5:45P     $80   $85
222035-4A                M          12/3-12/17     4:45-5:450P    $60   $65